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Straight from the farms

Cobio’s coconut oil and sugar are obtained directly from the producers, without intermediaries, which allows us to control the quality and, ultimately, ensures a fair pay for the growers.

100% natural

Cobio’s coconut oil and sugar are produced without any synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, solvents or other artificial additives. Cobio’s coconut oil and its production sites have received EU organic farming certificate for growing, processing and filling.

Only the best quality

Not only does it consist of 100% natural ingredients, it is extremely important that the Cobio coconut oil is not refined nor chemically treated in any way; its natural scent has not been artificially removed (not deodorized), and it is not hydrogenated. These are our basic guidelines for the selection, production and processing of Cobio’s coconut oil.

EU organic certification and HACCP standard

Cobio’s coconut oil is filled into containers in our own facilities in Škofljica (Žagarska ulica 11) in a strictly controlled environment and under conditions which meet the HACCP standards and EU regulations for organic production.

Fair trade principle

Our principle is to pay the farmers the payment they deserve for growing a quality product. For us, fair trade is not just a marketing scheme, but a long-term policy which we are trying to establish as a tradition.

Care for people and the environment

We try to maintain a happy working environment and clean production site. We value sustainable trade relationships based on trust, transparency, fairness, accountability and continuity. We take care of people and the planet.